Thursday, July 9, 2009

US Gap Widens

Socialists often meet with the argument that while capitalism may have been a terrible system in the past, with the awful gap between rich and poor, today we are gradually improving things and such inequalities no longer exists. So what do the anti-socialists make of these recent statistics?

"The rich-poor gap also widened with the nation's top one percent now collecting 23 percent of total income, the biggest disparity since 1928, according to the Economic Policy Institute. One side statistic supplied by the IRS: there are now 47,000 Americans worth $20 million or more, an all-time high." (San Francisco Chronicle, 2 September '08)

Eighty years of reform and now the gap is even wider.

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loganhuntington said...

times are looking bleak indeed, but perhaps these events will cause the working-class to renounce it's former view of socialism as a boogy-man, but rather view it as it ought to be, the salvation of humanity.