Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nepal Elections: Waskowy Maowists Win! [updated]

Ah, Maoists.. They always claim they are more clever than us and call us “arm-chair” types. They are always swimming with the people, or against the current, but never pissing in the pool or skipping down the capitalist road.

And after years of political defeats and military victories, Maoists have taken control of Nepal.

Glorious Nepal, the workers’ homeland.

After 10 years of “people’s war” the Nepali Communist Party (Maoist) has marched upon Kathmandu - wearing bourgeois clothing. They won a majority in the Constituent Assembly.

No wonder that the primary international Maoist news outlet hasn’t been updated in 2 months.

Capitalist Roaders here we come!

Yes, here are some quotes:

The Maoists central leadership has said that the party which has swung the country’s politics during the freshly concluded CA poll will not deviate from the “globalization and liberalization” process that was on in the world today.

Outlining the would be economic policy of the Maoists party when in power, Comrade Prachanda said that “we will not confiscate the properties of the owners contrary to what has been disseminated in order to malign the Maoist party”.

According to him, after the political revolution that has just finished, the Maoists will henceforth concentrate its entire efforts aimed at bringing about what he called “economic revolution in the country”.

Rest assured, we are in favor of the capitalist economy”, Prachanda said.

Talking on the Maoists militias, Prachanda said that they could be used as “industrial security force” time permitting…

And this from the Nepali Times 16 Apr 200

We want to fully assure international investors already in Nepal that we welcome them here, and we will work to make the investment climate even better than it is now. Just watch, the labour-management climate will improve in our time in office. What happened in the past two years with the unions happened during a transition phase….


Glorious Criticism of the NCP-M must now be conducted by the WSP(US)!

Maoism’s final collapse into out-and-out capitalism doesn’t surprise us at all. Nor their becoming an “industrial security force.”

We called it back in 1955 on the original Maoists in China.

Socialists think that promoting the understanding of the meaning of socialism in the majority of working class heads is of more importance in achieving socialism than the bludgeoning of working class heads (by the maoists - fnb) to achieve economic progress…The Chinese state, unhindered by any organized opposition of the workers will attempt to secure this labor-power bat a rate lower than it’s value…Socialism is far from being established in China, (it) is merely following the industrialization pattern of countries like Japan and Russia.

While someday Chinese will produce automobiles (and) will produce all the various consumer and capital goods that the west produces… the status of Chinese workers will still be that of workers the world over - wage slaves… (Western Socialist, Jan-Feb 1955)


On the Petit-Bourgeois Personality Cult…

Our only other comment is to ask if it was it is just a coincidence that Chairman Bob of the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party (USA) appeared on the earth at the same time as Elmer Fudd and became poltically active just as Elmer Fudd retired.

We think not…


But wait - there’s more!

From the Elmer Fudds of the World People’s Resistance Movement in the EU a mere 2 years ago …

“The World People’s Resistance Movement (WPRM) sees the revolution in Nepal as the most advanced struggle against imperialism in the world today . The existence of genuine People’s power there has profound implications for the people’s struggle against imperialism around the world. International solidarity will become a meaningless phrase if people around the world do not unite to oppose foreign intervention in Nepal and support the gains the people’s struggle there was won at the cost of great sacrifice . The battle shapping up around Nepal will undoubtedly be one of the historic struggles of the first half of 21st century – and it is one we must dare to wage and seek to win !”


The cartoons used in this article are from Jay Kinney’s work “Red Guard Romance”. Except for Chairman Bob of the RCP, he’s just cartoonish. We recommend Kinney’s work for a good laugh.

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Abdul-Rahim said...

The Maoists have already declared to the bourgeois that they won't be going to far any time soon in terms of changing society and the relations of production.