Saturday, September 22, 2007

The “logic” of Capitalism!

From the Lehigh University newspaper: In early August, representatives from Sands BethWorks appeared before the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to announce that the opening of the casino will be delayed from mid-2008 until early 2009.

The delay is caused by a lack of steel available to construct the casino complex.

The elaborate complex needs 16,000 tons of steel for construction.

According to The Morning Call, the opening of the $600 million complex will be pushed into 2009 because demolition crews are having a difficult time plowing down the buildings that once made up the Bethlehem Steel Mill.

Meanwhile in Iraq…

The Kurds get an "American" style casino! Never mind running water, medicine and electricity, there's money to be made!

-FN Brill


African poverty

From the latest International Labour Organization report :-

Percentage of population who earn less than $2 a day

Uganda (2002) 95.7
Nigeria (2003) 92.3
Tanzania (2000) 90.2
Rwanda (2000) 87.8
Madagascar (2001) 85.1
Zambia (2004) 84.9
Nicaragua (2001) 81.6
Swaziland (2000) 77.7
Ethiopia (2000) 76.6


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